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Course: Immunoinformatics and nanovaccines


Duration: 6 weeks


Course start: April 04, 2022


Modality: Online


Spanish Language

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about the course


In this course the student will learn basic immunology concepts focused on the development of epitopic vaccines for humoral and cellular immunity. Concepts of protein structures will be reviewed. In addition, it will be done with the Spike protein of COVID19 to identify immunogenic regions. For this, linear and conformational epitope predictors for MHC-I and MHC-II will be used, molecular coupling studies with MHC will be made. In addition, assisted exercise will be left to do a coupling with the nanoparticle, in this case the PAMAM-G4 dendrimer.

  1. Innate and adaptive immunity

  2. Peptide recognition by MHC

  3. MHC-Peptides-TCR

  4. QSAR studies at MHC

  5. Criteria for selection of antigenic protein

  6. Sequence search and multiple alignment to obtain consensus sequence

  7. Tertiary structure, construction and obtaining PDB

  8. Evaluation of a tertiary structure and minimization

  9. Prediction of linear epitopes and immunoproteosome

  10. Conformational epitope prediction

  11. Obtaining epitopes using protein-antibody complexes

  12. Construction and third dimension and structural refinement of epitopes

  13. Coupling studies on MHC-I and MHCII

  14. Dendrimers as peptide nanocarriers

  15. Peptide-dendrimer coupling study

Do you want more to know more about the agenda? Download the PDF version

What will you learn

Docking study at MHC

epitope prediction

Protein sequences and tertiary structure of proteins

linear and conformational epitopes


Juan Bermudes

"The attention from Dr. has been very good. It is very good."

Investment $ 1,250.00 MN

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