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It is a course that will offer concepts on structural bioinformatics ranging from concepts of omics, functional groups, protein structure, in addition to seeing concepts on molecular mechanics, quantum mechanics, molecular docking or ligand-protein docking, protein-protein, protein folding, molecular dynamics.  

Duration: 3 weeks

programación de computadoras


In this course computer science topics (computer architecture, operating systems, PERL) will be addressed. In addition, issues of sequence alignment, phylogenetic trees, gene prediction, SNPS will be addressed.  

Duration: 3 weeks


In this course, concepts of protein sequences and structure (construction and search), force fields, preparation of files to run a molecular dynamics, simulation using the NAMD program on your computer and analysis of the results are discussed. with VMD and the CARMA program.  

Duration: 3 weeks

Vacuna contra la gripe

Immunoinformatics and nanovaccines

In this course the student will learn basic immunology concepts focused on the development of epitopic vaccines for humoral and cellular immunity. Concepts of protein structures will be reviewed. In addition, it will be done with the Spike protein of COVID19 to identify immunogenic regions. For this, linear and conformational epitope predictors for MHC-I and MHC-II will be used, coupling studies with MHC and  exercise will be left to do coupling with nanoparticle, in this case the dendrimer PAMAM-G4.

Duration: 4 weeks


Molecular docking

In this course the student will learn concepts of drug design and screening using chemoinformatics (ADMET), basic organic chemistry concepts are reviewed to see functional groups, non-covalent interactions, force fields, and exercise will be done to prepare files and run docking simulations. with autodock and do analysis of results.

Duration: 4 weeks

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