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The interpretation of data for research and development of new pharmaceutical products is essential. However, this task is not easy. We can help you to analyze the data from your pre-clinical or clinical experiments, in such a way that it is easier for you to highlight the relevant information. Do not think about it anymore, we have at your disposal Researchers with an impeccable track record that can help you in organizing your data, statistical analysis, interpretation of information, etc. 

programación de computadoras


Is your equipment very basic and does it get slow when you run docking or molecular dynamics simulations? Do you require a computer that allows you to process the data with greater speed?

With this service we can support you to carry out these simulations without affecting the performance of your computer, working remotely.  

You can have the service available as long as you require, a day, a week, a month or up to a year. Do not invest in high-cost IT infrastructure, maintenance, refrigerated spaces, etc. You are taking a course at and you are interested in using our servers for your simulations, during the course you have free access. We support you, you decide.


Organizando información


You are a teacher, researcher, entrepreneur, company and you have information (a new product, a repositioned drug, brands, logos, etc.) that needs to be patented, we support you, we have extensive experience in the field before IMPI-Mexico. 

Do not hesitate, we will accompany you throughout the process from drafting the documents, submitting your request, making the corresponding reply to the IMPI, etc.

Do you require a course for patent drafting, we offer you these courses on demand. 

Reunión de negocios


You are an entrepreneur and / or company and you are interested in competing in the pharmaceutical or biotechnological market with new innovative products, we will help you from the design to the execution of a research project. For this we have proposals at the pre-clinical level that include in silico studies (drug design, drug repositioning, search for immunogenic regions), molecular coupling studies, molecular dynamics, structure-activity relationship studies (QSAR), etc. as well as synthesis of molecules and pre-clinical evaluation in in vitro and in vivo biological models. 

Plano de una casa


You are a Student, Professor, Researcher and you have problems to improve the quality of Figures or to create Figures that allow you to explain your results, generate a hypothesis, etc. for your reports, patents, articles, etc. Do not worry, we support you, that your report, article, etc. are not left out by the Figures. We use professional tools that we put at your service, do not think about it and more contact us. 

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A problem when we just enter a postgraduate degree, or obtain a postgraduate degree, and have results to report  At an international level, the problem is the English language, and due to this situation, an article with new information loses the opportunity to reach the best-ranked international journals called JCR, of the first quartiles. That is why our English language correction service is provided with internationally certified professionals, we put our services at your fingertips, if the article or other document has any observations regarding the English language, we promise to make a second correction without No cost, and if the same happens a third time, we will return your money. 

Mirando un video


You want to create your own technological innovation company, we advise you and do the process to create it online as a Simplified Stock Company (SAS). To open your company you do not require money, you can start with high added value services, make sure your ideas and projects reach where they are required. You already have the company but you do not have RENIECyT to participate in CONACYT calls, we advise you, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the support of the Mexican Government to apply in innovative projects that solve problems in the social environment. In world  there are clear examples that show that it is easier to be an entrepreneur having the idea than money. 

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