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2nd Course-Workshop: Biostatistical Analysis with Excel


Duration: 40 h


Course start: January 10  2022

Modality: Asynchronous Online


Spanish Language

about the course

This course will allow you to learn to organize your results (data) from your basic, clinical research projects. You will also learn to design your projects before you start your research. Once you have your information, you will learn to process your results with different algorithms and data analysis tools to determine whether or not there is statistical significance. It is a theoretical-practical course designed for those who from EXCEL want to learn to graph, see if there is a statistical difference and that according to the type of data, you will learn to apply the correct statistics.  


Topic 1.  Design of the database for biostatistical analysis

Topic 2.  Descriptive statistics for quantitative and qualitative data and Confidence intervals

Theme 3.  Dynamic tables

Theme 4.  Contingency tables, Chi square, odds ratio, relative risk, diagnostic tests

Item 5.  Hypothesis contrast tests I.  Student's t, paired t

Item 6.  Hypothesis contrast tests II. ANOVA one factor, ANOVA two factors.

Item 7.  Linear Regression, Logistic Regression

Item 8.  Survival analysis.

Item 9.  Basic and special graphics.

Topic 10. Export results and link

Do you want to know more about the agenda? Download the PDF version

What will you learn

Molecular dynamics analysis

structural bioinformatics

Introduction to Linux

Protein basics


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Offer of  1,900.00 MN (95 US dollars)  to $ 1600.00 MN (130.00 US dollars). 

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