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Duration: 3 Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Course start:  June 11, 2022


Modality: Online


Spanish Language

about the course

This course will allow you to learn structural bioinformatics concepts (proteins) to be able to practice on online servers. In this way you will be able to do protein-protein docking studies in a theoretical and practical way, all from your computer. You will also learn to describe non-covalent protein-protein recognition interactions.   


Unit I: Introduction to Protein-Protein Docking: (3 hours) (theoretical)

  1. Introduction to Protein-Protein Docking.

  2. Classification of protein-protein docking methodologies.

    1. Blind docking

    2. Directed Docking

    3. Flexible Docking

  3. What Kind of Method to Use in Protein-Protein Docking Prediction?

Unit II: Protein-protein docking prediction techniques: (6 hours) (practical).

  1. Protein-protein docking using servers

    1. HDOCK

    2. ClusPro

    3. FRODOCK 2.0

    4. SwarmDock

    5. HADDOCK

    6. PatchDock

    7. SymmDock

Unit III: Evaluation and analysis of protein-protein docking: (3 hours) (practical).

  1. Evaluation and selection of predicted models.

  2. Analysis of the interface between protein chains.

Do you want more to know more about the agenda? Download the PDF version

What will you learn

protein folding

quantum mechanics

molecular mechanics

Functional groups and non-covalent interactions


Eva Soriano

"Regarding the content and the platform of use, it is very useful and there is a lot of feedback from the teacher and the participants."

Investment $ 1,650 MN (82.5 US dollars)

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