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We have three forms of payment:

1.- Deposit in CLABE account  

I. The account is in the SANTANDER bank the number  CLABE is: 0141-8065-5079-1315-04 for the amount of $ 1,800.00 One thousand eight hundred  ninety 00/100 Mexican pesos (90 US dollars). Discounts: undergraduate student 10%, postgraduate or postdoctoral student 5%, course or diploma or other service from 5%.

II.- When you have concluded the transfer, send an email to: with the subject: Protein-Ligand PHC09 attaching the receipt corresponding to the deposit made.  

III.- In response you will receive the access data  to the platform.

Ready welcome to the Pharbiois family.

2.- PayPal payment

For your convenience, we have a payment method through PayPal, just click on the following link

3.- You can also pay with MARKET PAYMENT (+%), up to 3 months without interest.

You have doubts?  

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